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Pepperbox Coffee was born after a dream was conceived during one starry night in Texas. Mario and Nick, the owners, were being warmed by a crackling fire when the smoke led their eyes towards the sky. A shooting star streaked across the sky, igniting an inspiration.

Pepperbox Coffee was created in response to the unemployment crisis that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population faces. The majority of the population struggle with unemployment, due to lack of training and job experience along with communication barriers. The Deaf co-owners, Mario Essig and Nicholas Buchanan, wanted to demonstrate that the barriers in place do not define the intelligence, heart, and talents of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. They are excited to share their talents in the marketplace and provide the fastest, friendliest and the most generous handcraft coffee service for your convenience.

Nicholas Buchanan

Photo of Nicholas Buchanan

I bring unique experience to Pepperbox Coffee.

Seattle is my home town, whs brewed up the coffee madness. Because the Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of coffee drive-thru establishments, I have lived through various coffee atmospheres which has impacted my coffee cuppings.

I now live in Texas and want to bring the best of Seattle to Austin. In addition to the desire to introduce the coffee express style to town, I also believe that with my software development background a coffee self-ordering system would bring an unique experience for our customers in the future.

As a deaf person, I have the vision of running my own business and also prove that being deaf does not and will not be a hindrance in being a successful entrepreneur. I believe that with my contribution, hard work and perseverance, it will lead toward opportunities for the deaf communities. My passion is in the coffee industry. Because of the passion, I firmly believe I will be successful.

Lastly, I am a proud father to two beautiful kids and a husband to a wonder wife.

When I dove into Pepperbox Coffee, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I have always aspired to own a business and this is it. It's exciting to see a dream fulfilled!

Growing up in Washington State, there are literally coffee shops on nearly every corner, alongside Starbucks. However, I have seen how people still are loyal to local coffee shops and appreciate that the culture of local coffee shops are more authentic and personal. That is what I want to bring to Austin.

By bringing my business knowledge and experience to Pepperbox Coffee, I am confident that the company will take off with a joyful cup of coffee!

Quick facts about me: loves walking with Jesus, has a lovely wife, loves playing soccer, freedives, riding on his Nightcrawler and loves pandas!

Mario Essig

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Email us for a bag or three at pepperboxcoffee@gmail.com

5 LB bags
Special Dark Blend
Derringer Dark Decaf

We carry 5 LB and 12 oz bags. Contact us and we will set up an order request.



Catering with a Bang!

Email: catering@pepperboxcoffee.com
Text: 512.710.8381

We cater at weddings, festivals, fundraising events, schools, lounges, and more!

Our catering services can be called up 24/7.

payments We accepts cash, debit and credit cards.

Or, billing through Net-15 and Net-30 payment invoices.

By the Hour

$200 first two hours, $150 every hour afterwards. 1 Barista.

$375 first two hours, $225 every hour afterwards. 2 Barista.

$500 first two hours, $300 every hour afterwards. 3 Barista.

Fundraising and Events

Minimum of 200 person attendance

Contact us for payment plan and contribution from donations



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Email: pepperboxcoffee@gmail.com

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